What Is a Deposit Account Agreement

We will not be responsible for paying a cheque before its date unless you inform us in advance that you have issued a post-dated cheque. We reserve the right to charge a fee for any post-dated cheque notice to the extent permitted by applicable law. A post-dated notice of review will remain in effect until the date prior to the date of the review or six months from the date we received the notice. We can pay the cheque if it is presented for payment on or after the date of the cheque. Written notification of a post-dated cheque is only valid after receipt by us. Your notice must inform us of the exact amount and date of the item, the name of the beneficiary, and the cheque and account number. We are not responsible for paying a cheque before its date if the information you provide to us is incorrect, if you do not provide us with other reasonable information about the item or if we do not have enough time to respond to your request. We are entitled to a reasonable period of time (no less than 24 hours) after you have informed us of a post-dated notice to inform our employees. If we are asked not to pay a cheque by its date, you agree to be responsible for all losses, expenses and costs (including attorneys` fees) incurred by us as a result of our refusal to pay the cheque. We are not responsible if we pay the cheque against your notice, if the payment is made before we have had a reasonable period of time to respond to your notification, if the payment is due to an unintentional, accident or error, if the notification has expired or if other items drawn by you are returned due to insufficient coverage, because we paid for the item. If we refund your account after payment of a post-dated cheque via a valid and timely notice, you agree to transfer all your rights to us against the payee or any other cheque holder and to assist us in any legal action against that person. You can ask us to stop paying cheques, bills of exchange, money orders, transferable withdrawal orders (NOW) or pre-authorized wire transfers drawn on your account if the item has not been paid.

If you wish to stop paying for an item, you must act promptly to ensure that we receive your request before the item is paid. Due to advances in the check collection process, including the electronic exchange of check information, your checks will be submitted to your account for payment much faster than in the past, reducing the time you have to request a stop payment order before a check is paid. We have no obligation to comply with your request to stop payment of certified, cashier or official bank cheques. We reserve the right to charge a fee for each stop payment order and for each renewal of a stop payment order. Your stop payment order will take effect: (i) for 6 months on checks; (ii) for 12 months in the case of pre-authorized electronic funds transfers; (iii) until receipt of the Account Holder`s notification to revoke the payment freeze; or (iv) until payment for the Item is interrupted, whichever comes first. A stop payment order may be renewed as often as desired by written notification to the address indicated in the Banking Contacts section during the period during which a previous stop payment order is in effect. It is your responsibility to monitor your account to ensure that you always have sufficient funds to cover items and other fees and avoid fees for NSF activities. By keeping accurate records of your deposits and withdrawals, you are in the best position to ensure that your account has sufficient funds to cover any items presented for payment in your account. With advances in the check collection process, including exchanging check information in electronic form, your checks will be submitted to your account for payment much faster than in the past, making responsible account management on your part even more important. Some or all of the cheques you receive from us may be replacement cheques. This notice describes the rights you have when you receive replacement cheques from us.

The rights set forth in this statement do not apply to original cheques or electronic debits from your account. However, you have rights under other laws in relation to these transactions. In our sole discretion, we will open certain accounts in the name of a minor or in the name of two or more persons, one or more of whom are minors, if the minor can present government-issued identification in accordance with our standard account opening procedures. Any account opened by a minor in North Carolina is subject to the provisions of Section 53C-6-4 of the General Statutes of North Carolina. Any credit we give you in relation to a bank transfer is provisional until we receive the final payment. If we do not receive the balance, you agree that we are entitled to cancel the credit to your account or that you will refund us immediately upon request if your account balance is insufficient. What are your rights with respect to alternative examinations? In some cases, federal law provides a special procedure that allows you to claim a refund for losses you incur when a replacement cheque is registered to your account (for example. B if you believe that we have withdrawn the wrong amount from your account or that we have withdrawn money from your account for the same cheque more than once). Losses that you seek to recover as part of this procedure may include the amount withdrawn from your account and the fees charged as a result of the withdrawal (for example.

B fees for rejected cheques). We may send you email notifications (for example, account notifications. B, online transaction alerts, security alerts, and free first citizens security alerts) linked to your account. These notifications may be sent to you from time to time by email, phone call, SMS or through the bulletin board of your online bank account. You will need to enable certain types of notifications through your online bank account. We will automatically send you other types of notifications. .